Come visit Provo's Premier Shopping Complex
Found in the heart of Grace Bay, The Saltmills is within walking distance of many resorts and offers free parking.

Welcome to The Saltmills!

The Saltmills is conveniently located in the heart of Grace Bay on the main Grace Bay Road strip, and steps from many resorts and hotels. The central gazebo in the courtyard is a great place to take a break, with shaded benches and a relaxing atmosphere. Whether on foot or by car, it’s easy and fast to get to The Saltmills from most of Providenciales.

Opening Hours

Most shops and offices at The Saltmills are open during normal business hours, and the restaurants and fitness centre are typically open until later in the evening.


The Saltmills features ample free parking for visiting customers, with spaces in the central courtyard and expanded parking on the southern side of the complex.

Onsite are bicycle security stands for the use of cyclists.


Taxis cabs can often be found waiting in the central courtyard and on adjacent Grace Bay Road.