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The Saltmills Plaza is Grace Bay’s premier retail and office space.
Visit our shops and restaurants and enjoy a perfect day out.

The Saltmillls is the perfect home for your business, with an excellent complement of highly-desirable shopfront retail spaces and quiet upper level office units, all in the heart of Grace Bay.

Location is critical to a professional and tourism-related businesses, and the best units are not available for long. Contact us to learn more and reserve a spot for your business.

Our dedicated maintenance team ensures that everything runs smoothly, and our efficiencies of scale allow for some of the most competitive lease rates in Grace Bay, all while offering unparalleled quality.

Our prime location, constant foot traffic, ample parking, onsite services, and prestige create the perfect environment for your business to grow and succeed.

Rental Contact

Rosie Nicholls
BCQS Limited, Saltmills Plaza
Tel: +1 (649) 946-4238